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Elle x Rodan + Fields: 5 Secrets to Healthier Hair, Straight From a Celeb Stylist
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BAZAAR x Rodan + Fields: 5 Skincare Ingredients That Get to the Root of Your Hair and Scalp Concerns
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Cosmopolitan x Rodan + Fields: FYI, Scalp Care Is More Than Just a Trend
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People x Maybelline: 4 Women on How They Care for Their Mental Health
Entertainment Weekly x DSW: “I Dressed Like My Favorite Jennifer Lopez Movie Characters for a Day”
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People en Español x DSW: “Hoy me vestí como Jennifer Lopez de estilo retro” (Translated into Spanish)
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Instyle x DSW: “I Wore Jennifer Lopez’s Most Ambitious Outfits for a Weekend Trip and Loved Every Minute”
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People x DSW: “I Channeled My Inner Red-Carpet Jennifer Lopez During a Wedding Weekend”
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Good Housekeeping x Olay: 8 Skincare Gift Sets for Everyone on Your List
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Cosmopolitan x Loops & Wales: Cute Socks You Need RN, According to Your Zodiac Sign
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Cosmopolitan x Smirnoff: Exactly What Cocktail to Order Based on Your Sign
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