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I'm so glad you're here! A little bit about me: I'm currently a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist collaborating with multiple brands and publications. I have eight years of digital editorial and social media experience from my previous lives at Glamour and People magazines, where I focused on fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle content. Most recently, I was the women's editor at EXPRESS, where I oversaw content for their editorial blog and contributed to overarching brand storytelling. I've been lucky to have my dream jobs in traditional media, while still being on the pulse of what's next in the industry.


My career has focused largely on social media, but as it goes with jobs these days, social was never the only thing on my plate. I have written hundreds of pieces for both and, including everything from long form pieces to breaking news, and a number of print pieces as well. I also produced (and occasionally starred in) several videos during my time at People.

I am originally from Marietta, Georgia and have lived in New York City for over a decade (!). I attended NYU as a Communications major, and fell in love with the city and everything there is to eat here. I do not miss driving in Atlanta. I do, however, miss Waffle House. 


Photo credit: Matt Lummus


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